Kids really do say the darndest things

21 January 2013

Parents out there… this post is for you! As a teacher of your children, I thought I should let you know that they tell us everything (I mean, everything!) They are seriously little spies who are always listening, always observing, and just waiting to share what they think they heard or saw. So now that [...]

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My Top Ten Favorite Middle-Grade Fiction Books

19 January 2013

Hi Everyone! This past year, I have read MANY middle-grade fiction books because I wanted to check out my competition (but mostly because I love them!) Being an author is just an excuse for me to browse the children’s book department for hours without feeling out of place. Truth be told, I would be reading [...]

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Check out Ribbit’s blog!

10 January 2013

Hey everyone! If you haven’t already, check out Ribbit’s blog at: He has been typing like crazy on my keyboard, leaping from key to key, to share his adventures with you. Such a determined little frog. Now if only I could get him to wipe the mud off his feet before he types. One [...]

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What is Bravery?

03 December 2012

Now that I have a tiny human of my own, I’ve been thinking a lot about the lessons I’m going to teach him as he gets older: how to make friends, how to play games, how to throw a ball (well, I guess daddy will be a better teacher in that department but darn-it if [...]

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Pretend Play Isn’t Dead!

18 November 2012

As I was chasing Ryland all around the park this afternoon, two young girls frolicked by. Of course my little flirt had to get a closer look and happily toddled over to the “big kid” yard to follow them. Well, clearly we couldn’t keep their pace as they swung on the monkey bars, scaled the [...]

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Candy Tornado

27 June 2012

What a wild ride this week has been! Before I get into the details, Ribbit wanted me to share how ecstatic he is that his book is now for sale at school. He has been basking in his newfound popularity and the children are buying up his book quicker than the beat of a hummingbird’s [...]

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